MIS 495 -- Dr. Reithel

Chapter 18

McCall's Software Quality Factors

Category Product Revision Product Transition Product Operation
Factor Maintainability Portability Correctness
Flexibility Reusability Reliability
Testability Interoperability Usability


FURPS (functionality, usability, reliability, performance, and supportabiltiy) is a set of software quality factors that draw liberally from earlier work. The FURPS quality factors and attributes can be used to establish quality metrics for each activity in the software process. The following attributes have been defined for each of the five major factors:

Functionality is assessed by evaluating the feature set and capabilities of the program, the generality of the functions that are delivered, and the security of the overall system

Usability is assessed by considering human factors, overall aesthetics, consistency, and documentation.

Reliability is evaluated by measuring the frequency and severity of failure, the accuracy of output results, the mean time between failures, the ability to recover from failure, and the predictability of the program.

Perfromance is measured by processing speed, response time, resource consumption, throughput, and efficiency.

Supportability combines the ability to extend the program, adaptability, and serviceability, as well as testability, compatibility, configurability, the ease with which a system can be installed, and the ease with which problems can be localized.

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