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Chapter 4 

Measure-- provides a quantitative indication of the extent, amount, dimensions, capacity, or size of some attribute of a product or process.

Metric-- a quantitative measure of the degree to which a system, component, or process possesses a given attribute.

Indicator-- a metric or combination of metrics that provide insight into the software process, a software project, or the product itself.

Causes of defects and their origin
Design  Specification/Requirements  Code 
  • Specifications 25.5%
  • Logic 20%
  • Data Handling 10.5%
  • Standards 6.9%
  • User Interface 11.7%
  • Error Checking 10.9%
  • Hardware Interface 7.7%
  • Software Interface 6%

Size-Oriented Metrics

Size-oriented metrics are derived by normalizing quality and/or productivity measures by considering the "size" of the software that has been produced. (Ex. errors per KLOC, defects per KLOC, cost per KLOC, errors/person-month, etc.)

Function-Oriented Metrics

Functionality cannot be directly measured, so it must be derived indirectly using other direct measures. Albrecht suggested a measure called the function point, which is derived using an empirical relationship based on countable measures of software's information domain and assessments of software complexity.

After collecting the above data, a complexity value is associated with each count, and the function points are computed, using the following formula: FP = count-total x [0.65 + 0.01 x (sum)F sub i]

Programming Language LOC/FP (average)
Assembly Language 320
C 128
Cobol 105
Fortran 105
Pascal 90
Ada 70
Object-oriented languages 30
Fourth gen. languages (4GL) 20
Code generators 15
Spreadsheets 6
Graphical languages (icons) 4

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