Spring 2002 -- Dr. Reithel
Midterm Exam Three: 
Bonus Round

You can earn a maximum of one-half of the points you missed on Midterm Exam Three by defining all of the terms listed below and completing the diagramming exercises.  If you earn 100% on this exercise, you will receive an additional 10 bonus points as well. Develop your definitions, draw your diagrams, and bring them to class with you this Friday (May 3, 2002) to hand in by 11:00 a.m.  No late submissions will be accepted.

  1. Three types of risks that a project may face at a macroscopic level
  2. Risk projection
  3. "Risk triplet"
  5. "rule of 10" in SQA
  6. Formal technical review
  7. MTBF
  8. SCM
  9. Version control
  10. Balancing (in a DFD)
  11. Data Dictionary
  12. Ward and Mellor DFD extensions
  13. State Transition Diagram
  14. ERD
  15. Association types (1:1, 1:m, m:m)
  16. Data Structured Systems Development
  17. Stepwise Refinement
  18. Modularity
  19. Software Architecture
  20. Data Structure
  21. Information Hiding
  22. Cohesion
  23. Coupling
  24. PDL
  25. Transform Mapping
  26. 4 system models in HCI
  27. Glass/White box testing
  28. Basis path testing
  29. Cyclomatic complexity
  30. Equivalence class testing
  31. Boundary value analysis/testing
  32. Comparison testing
  33. Verification
  34. Validation
  35. "Spiral" testing approach includes what types of testing?
  36. Drivers (in bottom-up testing)
  37. Stubs (in top-down testing)
  38. Integration testing
  39. Alpha/Beta testing

Drawing exercises:

1. What are the symbols used in a DFD?  Draw a sample DFD.

2. What are the symbols used in an ERD?  Draw a sample ERD.

3. Draw the class diagram for a standard wizard-generated  document/view architecture application that includes a CRecordSet-derived class for interacting with a Customer table.  The Customer table includes two text variables: CustomerID and CustomerName.  The name of the C++ project is Test3Bonus.

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