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 About ME

I recently have joined the faculty of the School of Business Administration as a visiting assistant professor of management.  The previous 14 years I have been teaching in the Department of Communication and the School of Business at Mississippi State.  Iím getting a well-rounded education.  I have a doctorate in management and have had the privilege of teaching communication courses of all kinds across my teaching history.

Contact Information

Office phone:  662-915-5728

Office:  331 Holman                                email: jlittlejohn@bus.olemiss.edu

 Courses I teach

Business Communication

This is a practical course emphasizing written and oral presentations necessary for interactions in the workplace.

Consulting and Workshops

Over the past few years, I have had opportunities to present special workshops for businesses, schools, and special interest groups.  My specialization is team building but have taught a variety of interpersonal communication, public speaking, and writing seminars.