MIS 609

Spring 2009

E-Commerce and Internet Programming


Time:                       Wednesday 6:00-8:30 p.m.

Location:                 Conner 13

Text:                        Notes on-line on S: drive (http://student.bus.olemiss.edu/files/Aiken/609)
Instructor:               Dr. Milam W. Aiken, Holman 334
Phone/email:           915-5777 / aiken@bus.olemiss.edu
Office hours:           By appointment

Description of Course:

This course will present the basic concepts of e-commerce and Internet programming. We will cover many languages and technologies such as JavaScript, VBScript, VB.NET, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, ASP, ActiveX, XML/XSL/CSS, Ö).  With this knowledge, you will be well prepared to develop and maintain Web pages for an e-business.  





Test 1


Test 2


Test 3


Test 4



There will be an assignment almost every week, and it will be due by the end of the following class period. You should be able to do most of it in class, however. If it is late, do not bother turning it in (unless you have a valid excuse). There will be handouts, and I will show how to do the assignments in class, but it is assumed that you already have some computer programming experience. If I think you should already know a concept, I will tell you.


Be sure to save all messages with your scores (at least until you see them reported correctly on the Web after each test). That is the proof you did the assignment.


The four tests consist of 40, 5-choice questions. The final consists of questions from the first three tests. If you are unable to take a test because of a valid excuse such as sudden illness, you may be able to count the final as 30% with the instructorís approval.


Attendance will not be taken. If you miss class, ask another student what you missed. Donít ask me.


School of Business Administration - Statement of Academic Integrity

The School of Business Administration upholds honor and academic integrity in all of its teaching, research, and service activities. All business faculty, staff, and students are charged with the responsibility to behave with personal and professional integrity and to refrain from dishonorable conduct.

Disability Accommodations

It is University policy to provide, on a flexible and individual basis, reasonable accommodations to students who have disabilities that may affect their ability to participate in course activities or meet course requirements. Students with disabilities, which have been verified through the Office of Student Disability Services, are encouraged to contact their instructors to discuss their individual needs for accommodations.


Schedule (subject to minor modification)


Topic                                     Assignment


  1. Introduction                              E-Commerce Store

  2. HTML                                      HTML

  3. Scripts                                      Javascript

  4. Marketing                                 ActiveX Controls / SSI

  5. Visual Basic                              Visual Basic spider - Test I

  6. Server Side Scripts                   ASP

  7. Finance                                    ASP.NET / Web Services

  8. Mobile Computing                    Encryption / WML / MobilePhone

  9. XML                                       CSS / XML / XSL

  10. Java                                         Java SDK / Applets - Test II

  11. CGI                                         Perl / CGI / MySQL

  12. Security                                    PHP

  13. Ethics                                       Flash

  14. Design                                      Python

  15. ASP.NET - AJAX                   AJAX - Test III

  16. Final Exam                                May 6 Wednesday 7:30 pm