What is GSS?
Describe it's advantages and disadvantages.

There is some controversy about what a Group Support System is. Perhaps the best and simplest definition is "a computer-based system to support a meeting". Other terms such as  GDSS (Group Decision Support System), groupware and CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) may be used synonymously, although some researchers argue that there is a distinct difference among them.  DeSanctis and Gallupe have stated that a GDSS is "an interactive computer-based system to facilitate the solution of semistructured and unstructured tasks by a group that have joint responsibility for performing it. Dennnis, et al. sometimes use the term EMS (Electronic Meeting System) for essentially the same system. However, they state that an EMS goes beyond decision making implied by the DeSanctis definition of GDSS.  Because of this controversy over the term "GSS", it is probably better to use more specific terms such as "Electronic Poolwriting in a Virtual Legislative Session."


Cost of system
Typing is slower than speaking
Good only for m:m sharing info
Group Size > 7
Loss of media richness
Lack of "immediacy" (hard to force answers)
Disinhibition may cause "Flaming"