Travis Box

Assistant Professor of Finance

Excerpt from Eller College of Management News Letter (Spring 2013)

Travis Box defended his dissertation in April 2013 and will start as Assistant Professor of Finance at University of Mississippi this summer.  His dissertation researched comovement and the news, and won an outstanding Ph.D. student paper award last fall.

I will leave Eller with a heavy heart, but I have the opportunity to be a researcher and a teacher at a storied university, so my goal is to live up to that responsibility.”

 Travis shared 9 things that make him unique:

  1. I love to BBQ. You’ve probably never had anything like my smoked hot wings.

  2. I married the love of my life in a tiny Missouri town during the summer of 2009. Our guests were honored with a choreographed dance and a mediocre acoustic set by yours truly.

  3. When I was young, I wanted to grow up to be Indiana Jones and then later Alan Greenspan, so I got the professor part right.

  4. Finding clothes to match all of my different shoe colors can be difficult sometimes. [His fellow students can’t count the numbers and colors of his shoes!]

  5. I have a “Favorites” folder with 6.8 days’ worth of music stored in it.

  6.  I started out as a Political Science major, but my Dad told me that I had to switch to something employable. Two Economics degrees later, I joined the Finance program.

  7. Roses, vegetables, or cactus, I like helping things grow. My house looks like a botanical garden.

  8. I am a diehard Astros fan, so I’ve had a rough couple of years.

  9. My baby boy, Nathaniel (Nat) Roland Box, turns 1 on the day that I graduate, and I am much more proud of him than my degree.


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