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MIS-307 Systems Analysis and Design
Fall 2001 edition

( Section 1; Conner Hall, Room 11 & 13 T/Th 1:00-2:15 )

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MIS-307 Tentative Schedule Fall 2000

Project Team Listings



(CPP=C++ Text, OO=Object Oriented Text)
Aug 21 Course introduction




Object Oriented Systems Fundamentals
Introduction to C++
C++ Example One 


Assignment #2





Assignment #3

C++ Concepts:
  Compound Statements, Loops, If-Else, 
  Arrays, Variable Scope, Derived Classes
C++ Example Two -- Derived Classes
C++ Example Three -- File Stream I/O
C++ Example Four -- File Output
C++ Example Five -- File Input
Magazine Subscription Example
Purge Example
Instance Count File I/O Example





C++ Concepts
Sept 4



Assignment #4
Array example



Assignment #5

C++ Concepts



C++ Concepts

Data file from class ("employee.dat")

13 C++ Concepts

Sample code from today's in-class quiz

20 C++ Concepts

Switch Example
While loop pattern
Menu Example
Modified Code from Today's Class
Menu Example

Assignment #7


Generic Sort Code

Sort Example Spreadsheet

Oct 2  

Object Sort Code

Object Sort Code with operator=

CInventoryItemSort example

Assignment #8

Oct 4  

Linked List Spreadsheet example

Linked List Spreadsheet

Dynamic Memory Allocation
Sample Program

Here's an interesting sort algorithm animation site

Oct 9   Sample Code

Dynamic Memory Allocation
new, delete, 
"." vs. "->" (pointer to member operators)
Assignment #9

Oct 11   File I/O for Linked Lists

Sorting Linked Lists
Sample Program for sorting a linked list with an undetermined number of instances 
Save and Load Example program from class

Oct 16  

Center Heading Example

Menu Class Example (3 files: menu.h, menu.cpp, menuobject.cpp)

Dynamic Memory Allocation for linked lists
Sample Program for a predetermined number of instances
Oct 18 Dynamic Memory Allocation
Sample Program for an undetermined number of instances

Nested Menu example

Oct 23  

File Serialization Example (revised Magazine application)

File Serialization Example 2 (input from disk -- Magazine app)

Overview of Object-Oriented Systems Development
Object Basics (revisited)
Object-Oriented Systems Development Life Cycle

Oct 25  

Note: No media available for this date


MS Access Rapid Prototyping
Database example 1
Database example 2
Oct 30   Object-Oriented Methodologies

PowerPoint slides on logical vs. physical DFD

Unified Modeling Language (UML)

6   Here are some interesting UML-related sites:

Composite Class Example

8 Note: No media necessary for this date Whole-Part (Building-Room) sample code

Database Test


Note: No media necessary for this date


Group Project Work Day!!

27   Semester Group Project discussions and UML
29 Groups 1-4


 Groups    6 & 7


Semester Group Project/Case Presentations Begin Groups 1,2,3,4,6,7  


Dec 4 Groups 5,8


 Groups    9-12



Semester Group Project/Case Presentations Continue Groups 5,8,9,10,11,12
 6 Groups 13-16


Last Day of Class

Semester Group Project/Case Presentations Continue Groups 13-16


Final Exam from 4:00-7:00 p.m.


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