Date Topic Instructions
8-15-17 Syllabus Click here for the syllabus.
8-15-17 Notes Here are the PowerPoint slides for Section 1 you can print as notes.
9-14-17 OCC Jobs A former student who works for the OCC sent me this link to a job announcement.  Note the deadline to apply is 10/6/17.  
9-26-17 Symposium If you wish to attend the Banking Symposium on October 20, from 11:00 to 4:00 (lunch included), please email me if you are a student in my class.  Note this is professional dress.
9-26-17 Practice Here is a spreadsheet for practice on bank financial ratios, including NII and ROA, etc.
9-30-17 Case Competition Go to this link below to review the case competition material.  We will discuss again in class, and if you are interested in participating, please let me know.
10-6 Case Video  The CSBS Case Competition video we did last year is at
10-9-17 Section 2 Here are the notes for Section 2.
10-10-17 Agenda Here is the agenda for the symposium.  Email me if you want to attend.
11-7-17 Practice Here is a spreadsheet for practice problems and some word practice problems for time value of money.
11-8-17 Practice 2 More practice for things we will go over next week is here.
11-14-17 Duration Here is the practice spreadsheet for duration (and bond pricing for that matter).
11-28-17 Duration The link on the line above is fixed to send you to the correct duration spreadsheet.
11-30 Formula Sheet Here is the exact formula sheet we will have for the exam.
11-30 Quizzes Quiz 9, Quiz 10, and Quiz 11 links.