Date Topic Instructions
8-15-18 Syllabus Click here for the syllabus.
8-15-18 Notes Here are the PowerPoint slides for Section 1 you can print as notes.
8-23-18 Competition Click here to see the details on the Community Bank Case Study Competiton.  I will get a team signed up, and you can sign up for a class to get academic credit for the competition.  One team produced the video you can see here.
8-23-18 Scholarship For a banking scholarship opportunity, go to to see if you are interested in applying.
9-4-18 Symposium Click here to see the agenda.  I can get you registered for free if you are a student.  Please email me that you want to attend and I will register you (email is ).
10-9-18 Practice Click here for the practice spreadsheet for bank ratios.
10-9-18 Section 2 Click here for Section 2 slides.
11-12-18 TVM Click here for the Time Value of Money practice spreadsheets.
11-13-18 More practice Here is a spreadsheet for EAR, and here are some practice word problems (including a formula sheet that will be provided on the test).