Date Topic Instructions
1-13-2020 Syllabus Here is the link to the syllabus.
1-13-2020 Notes Here is the link to the PowerPoint notes for Section 1.
1-29-20 Spreadsheet Here is a spreadsheet to practice calculating NII, NIM, and GAP. Change the numbers to see the impact on these variables.
2-4-2020 Practice Here is the link to the spreadsheet for practice on duration gap ("delta E or EVE").
3-12-2020 Section 2 Here is the link to the notes for Section 2.  I will use online tools for lecture and discussion, but these are the slides for this section.
3-16-2020 WMCF Here is a practice sheet for weighted marginal cost of funds.
3-18-2020 Cash Flow Statement Here is a practice spreadsheet for cash flow statements.