Date Topic Instructions
1-4-18 Syllabus Here is the link to the syllabus.
1-4-18 Notes Here is the link to the PowerPoint notes for Section 1.
1-23-18 Case Competition If you are interested in competing in the CSBS Case Competition, please email me.  You can get class credit if you desire (FIN 531) or not.  Details can be found here:
1-23-18 Practice Here is a spreadsheet to practice Weight Marginal Cost of Capital.
1-24 Pracice 2 Here is the duration spreadsheet, and here is the Duration Gap practice spreadsheet.
3-5-18 Section 2 Here are the Section 2 notes.
4-2-18 Practice Here is the cash-to-cash cycle practice spreadsheet.
4-4-18 More Practice Here is the spreadsheet to help practice ratios.  You need to know how to interpret them too.
4-23-18 Section 3 Here are the notes for Section 3.
4-30-18 Practice Here is the cash flow statement practice.  I believe I have it right, but if you find and error, email it to me and I will give you one point for being the first to find it (all others get zero).