Research Presentations


Fall 2018 Semester:

Friday, August 17, 2018

Joint PhD Student Seminar with the University of Memphis and Mississippi State University

Zhilu Lin (University of Mississippi) – CEOs with Innovative Ability

Jianning Huang (University of Memphis) – Exchange Competition with Levelled Speed

Caleb  Houston (Mississippi State University) – Insider Filing Violations and Purposeful Information Delay


Friday, August 21

Sugata Ray (University of Alabama)

Are Hedge Fund Managers’ Charitable Donations Strategic?


Friday, September 28

Tim Loughran (University of Notre Dame)

Assimilation of Oil News into Prices


Friday, November 2

Jeff Black (University of Memphis)

Information Asymmetry and the Cost of Capital:  The Influence of Public and Private Information



Spring 2019 Semester:

January 18th, 2019

University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, University of Memphis & University of Alabama


Konstantin Sokolov (University of Memphis) - Ransomware Activity and Blockchain Congestion

Lixiong Guo (University of Alabama) - CEO Personal Donating Behavior and Corporate Social Responsibility

Lin Ge (University of Mississippi) - Governance, CEO Power, and Relative Performance Evaluation (RFE) Effectiveness

Randy Campbell (Mississippi State University) - Does CEO Pay Keep up with the Jonese?  A test of the KUJ Theory



Friday, March 22

Jim Upson (University of Texas at El Paso)

Passive Informed Trading Around Earnings Announcements